WINGS - Women in God's Servic

WINGS - Women in God's Servic

We want to welcome you to our WINGS web page.  We are so glad you have stopped by to see what opportunities are available. Whether you are a member of Lake Harbour church of Christ, an occasional visitor, or just browsing, we are happy to have you and invite you to participate in any of our Bible studies and worship services.  It is our desire and purpose to provide opportunities for the Biblical spiritual development of all women.  It's our hope to be of service to you in any way we can. 

If you would like to learn more about WINGS, please feel free to contact Angela Burrell or Lourelia Pryor.


Baby & Bridal Shower

To ensure that an appropriate shower is given for every new mother-to-be or bride attending LHD. This includes fiancées of our “grooms-to-be”.  All showers are to be approved by the elders.

Baptismal Garment Care

To assist in baptisms by keeping the baptistry area neat and supplied with necessities for both areas, men’s and women’s.

Bulletin Devotional

For Women in God's Service to be able to share a thought, favorite Bible Verse, or devotional that will encourage and uplift fellow sisters in Christ at LHD.

Keep In Touch and Greeting Cards

To keep in touch with intent to uplift and encourage members for various reasons such as those who are ill, hospitalized, grieving, shut-in, birthdays, anniversaries, missing from attendance, new to attendance , baptized, restored and etc.  This will be done by cards, phone calls, and/or personal visits.


Kitchen & Pantry

To keep abreast of the overall needs and care of the kitchen/pantry and plan improvements. 

Ladies Bible Class

To provide a bible class for the ladies of LHD that will edify, enrich and focus on issues that often pertain to Christian women.

Ladies Night Out

To plan and achieve activities which are experiences of enjoyable fellowship for the sisters in Christ of LHD.

LHD Library

To work closely with the overseers of the church in establishing a working library containing material for the edification and enrichment of souls at LHD.

Nursery Care

To provide for care of babies (birth to 3 years old) in the church nursery.  We make sure the nursery is a clean, loving and safe Christian environment, as well as replenishing  nursery and linen supplies.

Outreach/Matt's House

To identify opportunities to help those in need among our congregation and our communities and conduct a short monthly devotional lesson at the Matt’s House battered women’s shelter.

Special Recognition and Honors

To give honor and recognition to LHD members for their accomplishments.

Teacher Resource Room

To organize and stock supplies for teacher use.

Advisory Group

To support, advise, assist, plan and oversee events and committees as needed.